What is an Esthetician

Specialist in Skincare & facial treatments


Wondering what an Esthetician is?  A term commonly used in the US, an Esthetician or Aesthetician is another word for a skin specialist.

Estheticians can be found in salons, spas and skin care clinics where they sometimes work alongside dermatologists.  Estheticians are not doctors or medical professionals.


Common treatments estheticians provide include microdermabrasion, makeup application, superficial chemical peels and other cosmetic skin treatments; most estheticians provide facials and focus on beautification of the face.

The treatments Estheticians provide are always non-invasive.

Estheticians have specialist knowledge when it comes to choosing the right products and treatments for specific skin types, including those with acne and similar complaints.  They can make specific recommendations for your skin.  Before undergoing any treatments your Esthetician may spend time analysing what would work best for you and create an appropriate treatment plan.

Esthetician can be a broad term used generally for skin care specialist.  The term is commonly used in the USA and in some states Estheticians are required to undergo a certain amount of training.  In the UK there is no such requirement to be called an Esthetician.  It’s important to be aware that Estheticians are not doctors in either country, and are best described as beauty therapists who specialise in skin treatments.  Different Estheticians specialise in specific areas, for example some might specialise in A-Lift facials, Lumineo light therapy, massage or microdermabrasion.  You should always check out what a each individual Esthetician does before deciding you need one.


Esthetician vs Dermatologist – Which do you need?

The treatments Estheticians provide are non-surgical and target superficial layers of the skin to enhance appearance.  Dermatologists are medically trained to provide more invasive treatments that target deeper layers of the skin.  People with significant scarring, more serious forms of acne, acne lesions or redness will benefit more from a dermatologist.

If you are looking for a facial or to generally enhance the appearance of your skin then you will want a cosmetic Esthetician.

Louise James, owner of Simply Be Cosmetics is an Esthetician and specialises in modern skin treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Lumineo and A-Lifts in Maidstone, Kent.


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